Lumbini Province Government

Ministry of Agriculture and Land Management

Directorate of Agricultural Development

Agricultural Knowledge Center



Recognizing the inevitability of agricultural development as the backbone of the country's economy, the objective was to raise the living standards of farmers by increasing agricultural production and productivity through the dissemination of advanced agricultural technology. An agricultural knowledge center has been established in Rolpa district in 2075 BS. Located in Liwang, the district headquarters, the center serves Rolpa and East Rukum districts. There are specialist branches (including horticulture, crop protection, agricultural extension), study testing and statistics branch and training and extension branch as technical branches for conducting programs through this center. Similarly, the administrative branch has the administration branch and the accounting branch. In all the areas of Rolpa and East Rukum districts, various branches have been operating under the office for effective operation of agricultural programs as per the policy of the state government. Farmer groups, cooperatives, entrepreneurs by identifying the priority crop items and pockets identified by the Agriculture Development Strategy and Millennium Development Goals, classifying the pockets on the basis of geographical infrastructure, keeping in view the geographical potential of the district, favorable climate, accessibility, irrigation, agricultural roads, electricity and markets. The aim is to provide technical services through Keeping in view the basis of sexual development, it has been initiating the system of conducting agricultural programs related to commercial and sustainable development by giving priority to the programs related to agriculture development to women, janajati, dalit, deprived and farmers living in remote areas. Recognizing these realities, maintaining a balance between agricultural development and environmental protection, diversifying and commercializing the existing agro-ecological sector and climate-friendly and comparatively profitable agribusiness and transforming the self-sustaining traditional farming system into income and employment oriented, modern, market oriented farming system. The main policy is.